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The sounding of trade and services and the catering company was founded in (2008 m) and has seen over the 8-years since its inception expanding rapidly to extend its operations and has over the past years to intensify its efforts to promote continuous improvement and innovation and streamline operations program in order to meet the growing demand and achieve operational efficiency.Our operations cover a wide range of support services and catering services for ships oil companies and other high-profile companies in the oil fields sectors Petro tear Company and Saudi cement industry and other companies, which includes catering services in the field of food and beverages, and the coordination and planning of menus, providing meals Frozen Foods and management of the halls, organizing shopping channels, commercial laundries, housing, and security services.

Administration :

The company's management team with experience who have a high level of knowledge and skills necessary to manage its operations. The company has three business segments as well as supporting sections, each of which raise reports to the CEO.