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"Vanguard" customer-centric strategy
Identified partnership dedication strategic priorities for the coming years in seven main areas called "vanguard" and every letter of this word is significant and meaningful strategic mission and message in the process of the company, according to the following:

(1) the continuation of our leadership role in the field of Supply Astmrarnmona field by promoting the deployment of services and technologies and expand our field of merger and deliver the best in the business for our customers By treating our services and service offerings.

(2) play a key role in providing services to clients prosecution franchise growth opportunities by expanding the provision of services to local and regional foreign companies.

(3) methods of advanced services to connect with customers.

(4) Excellence in Business Services to expand the business customer base by favoring integrated solutions and integrated to the customer.

(5) the achievement of certain external expansion and seek Almtwas for expansion and growth in the field of catering services.

(6) determination to achieve excellence for customers build a working system centered around the client in unison and harmony staff, procedures and systems.

(7) To achieve maximum operational efficiency of cost and benefit Think operational efficiency through the application of shared services system building cost distribution to employees, and achieve the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce and the network and information technology
And it can be through concerted efforts to translate this strategy into reality, so conservatives on the company's leadership and prestige, but always be the preferred choice for customers.